Changchun Press Conference of the 12th China-Northeast Asia Expo Held Successfully


On the morning of May 31, Changchun Press Conference of the 12thChina-Northeast Asia Expo was held successfully. Zhang Kaiming, Deputy Secretary-General of the Jilin Provincial Government, made a press release. Li Jianhua, Vice President of CCPIT Jilin Committee, Gaoshan, Deputy-Director of the Jilin Provincial Department of Industry and Informatization and Meng Qingyu, Deputy- Director of the Jilin Provincial Department of Commerce attended the conference and answered questions. Zhang Shubin, Vice Minister of the Propaganda Department of the Jilin Provincial Party Committee and Director of the Information Office of the Jilin Provincial Government, presided over the press conference.

40 media including Xinhua News Agency, China News Agency, Phoenix Satellite TV, China Daily, Hong Kong Business Daily, Jilin People’s Radio, Jilin Daily and China Jilin Net participated in the press conference.


Press Conference

At the press conference, Deputy Secretary-General Zhang Kaiming briefed on the overall consideration and progress of preparations for the 12thChina-Northeast Asia Expo. The Expo will be held in Changchun International Conference and Exhibition Center from Friday, August 23 to Tuesday, August 27, 2019, with the theme of "Enhancing Mutual Trust and Cooperation to Create Beautiful Prospects for Northeast Asia". There are six pavilions: Theme Pavilion - Pavilion of 5G New Era (Pavilion 9), Pavilion of Northeast Asia Countries (Pavilion 1), Pavilion of Northeast China Revitalization and Cooperation (Pavilion 8), Pavilion of Jilin Province (Pavilion 7), Pavilion of Health-Care Industry (Pavilion 6), Pavilion of Import Commodity (Pavilion 2, 3, 4, 5). Among them, the four pavilions of the import hall are divided into Hong Kong Commodity Exhibition Area, Taiwan Commodity Exhibition Area, Commodity Exhibition Area of Northeast Asian Countries and the countries involved in “Belt and Road”. The participating countries cover the countries and regions of Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania and other regions.

Up to now, 13 conference activities have been set up in this Expo. The main forum, the 10thHigh-level Forum on Northeast Asia Cooperation, the Round-table Conference of Heads of Local Governments in Northeast Asia Cooperation, the Summit for China - Japan- ROK Entrepreneurs, the 1stNortheast Asia E-Commerce Summit, the 2019 Northeast Asia Forum on Cooperation between Industries and Businesses, and the 2ndNortheast Asia Commercial Law Cooperation Symposium have all been scheduled. With the completion of the formulation, the invitation of guests and the preparations for conference affairs are being carried out in an all-round and orderly manner, and some achievements have been achieved.

When answering questions from reporters, Deputy Director Gaoshan of Industry and Informatization Department introduced the specific scale and organization of 5G New Era Pavilion and the situation of exhibitors. The exhibition theme of 5G New Era Pavilion is “Displaying the latest scientific and technological achievements and applications based on 5G New Era with Cloud Computing, Big Data, Internet of Things, Mobile Internet, and Artificial Intelligence as the main content”. At that time, a series of representative enterprises and institutions, such as Huawei, ZTE, FAW, Changchun Railway Vehicles and Nokia, will display the latest technology, usage scenarios, specific cases and relevant applications of 5G in Jilin Province. Through VR, AR and other forms of on-site interaction, people will have a better understanding of the basic knowledge of 5G, and the story about the development of 5G in Jilin will thus be told.

Meng Qingyu, Deputy Director of Department of Commerce of Jilin Province highlighted the High-level Northeast Asia Cooperation Forum, the 4thWorld Jilin Entrepreneurs Convention, the 1stNortheast Asia E-Commerce Summit and the “Greater Tumen Initiative” Intergovernmental Consultative Committee Ministerial Meeting during the Expo. At that time, more than 1,200 political leaders, senior executives of international financial and investment institutions, CEOs of the world’s top 500 companies and well-known enterprises, experts and scholars from home and abroad, economic and trade delegations from various countries, and government delegations from provinces (regions and municipalities) in Northeast Asia will gather in the forum to focus on the interests, concerns and common vision of the countries in Northeast Asia and on the geographical advantages and complementary edges of Northeast Asia. The situation will be transformed into a long-term cooperation advantage. All parties will discuss how to deepen the integration and building “Belt and Road”. Focus will also be on dialogues, exchanges and efforts to create a high level platform open and cooperative for all countries in Northeast Asia to conduct in-depth exchanges, pragmatic cooperation and mutual benefit.

Vice President Li Jianhua of CCPIT Jilin Committee introduced in detail the exhibition and highlights of the Pavilion of Northeast Asia Countries, and summarized the features of the pavilion setting and activity arrangement of this Northeast Asia Expo. The Pavilion of Northeast Asia Countries is located in Pavilion 1 of the Conference and Exhibition Center, totaling 2,800 square meters. The design of China’s exhibition area is under the responsibility of the Jilin Province Department of Culture and Tourism, which has been basically completed. The exhibition area design combines Chinese elements with modern science and technology, modern tourism culture and so on, so that the audience can appreciate the unique charm of China. DPRK, Japan, ROK, Mongolia and Russia also attach great importance to the exhibition of the Pavilion of Northeast Asia Countries. At present, the five countries in Northeast Asia have provided the design drawings of their national image exhibition areas. At that time, they will use video, text, pictures, physical objects and other forms to display the national image and traditional culture. This Northeast Asia Expo will present the characteristics of “high, new and practical”. “High” means high-level meeting and participants; “New” means that the pavilion setting is constantly innovative, including the first Pavilion of Northeast Asia Countries, the first 5G New Era Pavilion, and the first 5G network in venues and surrounding areas, which will give participants a new experience; “practical” means that the meeting arrangement is practical and effective, and all localities and departments will make full use of the Northeast Asia Expo. The Expo will serve as a platform for matching, negotiation and investment promotion activities.  .


Press Conference