Vice Governor Zhu Tianshu Presided over the 2nd Meeting of the Executive Committee of the 12th China-Northeast Asia Expo



On May 21, the 2nd Meeting of the Executive Committee of the 12th China-Northeast Asia Expo was held in Room 312 of the Jilin Provincial Government. The meeting was chaired by Zhu Tianshu, deputy governor of the Jilin Provincial Government and director of the Executive Committee of Northeast Asia Expo. The Party Committee Propaganda Department of Jilin Province, Foreign Affairs Office of People’s Government of Jilin Province, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Jilin Committee, Department of Commerce of Jilin Province, Industry and Informatization Department of Jilin Province, Jilin Province Department of Culture and Tourism and other major departments have reported on the progress of the preparatory work. Other members of 47 executive committees also made speeches on the work undertaken by the Expo. After hearing the report, Vice Governor Tianshu stressed that, on the one hand, the Northeast Asia Expo is a platform for promoting high-quality opening-up in our province, and we should pay more attention to the Expo; on the other hand, under the background of significant changes in the political and economic situation at home and abroad, we should strengthen the investment, economic and trade activities of the Expo and innovatively promote the preparatory work. Through the preparation of the Expo, the Northeast Asia Expo will become a window and platform for promoting investment, economic and trade cooperation, displaying the revitalization of Jilin and promoting cultural exchanges with foreign countries. Vice Governor Tianshu puts forward five requirements in the preparatory work for this Expo,

I. Highlighting Three Theme Projects
One is the 5G theme. In order to improve people’s recognition of 5G, the research shall show the influence and change of 5G new era on life and the world through different application scenarios in the expo. Secondly, the Summit for China - Japan- ROK Entrepreneurs. Under the background of fierce Sino-US trade, the cooperation between China, Japan and ROK is particularly important. Especially at present, the close cooperation between ROK and Jilin Province has been enhanced. The China-Japan-Korea Entrepreneur Summit should keep up with the momentum, focusing on the cooperation between Jilin Province and ROK in the fields of traditional Chinese medicine, cultural creativity, automobile, pension and other industries. Thirdly, the exhibition area of invisible world champion enterprises. The first nine World Invisible Championship Events were held in Germany. This year, for the first time, we left Germany and chose to participate in and organize related activities at China-Northeast Asia Expo. This will pave the way for the 10th World Invisible Championship Conference to be held in Changchun next year. The project of Deyuan Industrial Park has already settled in Changchun Economic Development District, and the opening ceremony will also be held at this Expo. Therefore, we should attach great importance to and actively promote the organization of exhibitions and related conference activities.
II. Promoting the Invitation of Businessmen
We should break through the traditional mode of thinking of inviting businessmen, design relevant activities in the field of investment, economic and trade cooperation, and carry out precise invitations around cooperation. Municipalities and states should design at least one theme activity and actively invite businessmen. Attention should be paid to the quality of inviting political leaders to participate in the conference, making full use of the good opportunities of friendly cooperation between the local governments of China and Russia and the settlement of the Deyuan Industrial Park in Jilin, and striving for the participation of the Russian Vice Premier. We should implement the invitation and confirm it as soon as possible.
III. Promoting investment, economic and trade cooperation
Investment, economic and trade cooperation are the main tasks of the Expo. We should speed up the promotion of investment cooperation projects. Including municipalities and states, we should do a good job in statistics of investment and economic and trade results throughout the province from May to the end of August, so as to concentrate on signing contracts at the exposition.
IV. Promoting Humanistic Exchange
We should make use of the economic and trade platform of the Expo to strengthen cultural exchanges, show the revitalization of Northeast China and rebuild Jilin’s image. Relevant departments and municipalities and prefectures should design the theme and content of cultural exchange activities. The Party Committee Propaganda Department of Jilin Province and Jilin Province Department of Culture and Tourism should work well with the Executive Committee for promotion, guidance and coordination of culture, tourism and other aspects.
V. Cooperative and Precise Preparations
One is to create a good atmosphere. Taking Changchun Press Conference as the starting point, and on the basis of traditional media, we should make good use of new media to do a good job in propaganda, promotion and atmosphere building. Secondly, elaborate design conference activities. Undertakers should work out and refine the program of conference activities as soon as possible. Thirdly, high-quality exhibition. To fully reflect the 5G theme, exhibitions should meet the requirements of international exhibitions. In addition, in order to coordinate and improve the security, medical, food safety and emergency management related work, and connect the civil aviation and railway transportation and reception related issues in advance, we must make detailed, detailed, practical and on-the-spot preparations for various expositions.