Policy Support Provided by the Entry-Exit Administration Bureau of Jilin Provincial Public Security Department to the participants of the 12th China-Northeast Asia Expo


1. Foreigners, spouses and children under the age of 18 who are invited to enter China for business visits, exhibitions or trade negotiations may obtain visas at any port within the scope of Jilin Province on the basis of invitation letters issued by relevant departments.

2. For senior managerial or technical talents who come to the province to participate in key foreign-funded projects and have a good residence record in China, the restrictions for filing and grading in foreign affair department shall be removed after confirmation of the procedures, and a residence permit valid for 2 years shall be issued.

3. Talent service hotline for key foreign-funded projects to provide one-to-one specialized services for senior managers or high-level technicians involved in key foreign-funded projects shall be set up, as well as business consultation, visa booking and green channel services.

4. Foreigners invited to enter China for business inspection, exhibitions or trade negotiations who have not completed the relevant work within the validity period of the port visa, the entry-exit administration department of the public security organ at the place of stay may issue corresponding visa certificates for them.