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Ten Famous Gourmet Food Stores in Changchun

1. Sanyu Zhuyuan (Tongguang Road)

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Recommendation Reason: Quality food ingredients and excellent taste make it an indispensable scenic spot for people in Spring City Changchun! Here, we recommend the water shield soup in Sanyu Zhuyuan, which is probably the restaurant we patronize most. Every time we eat fish here, we would still feel amazing. In addition to Master's craftsmanship, the most worthy of praise is their quality food ingredients.

Store Address: 2222 Tongzhi Street (near Tongguang Road)

Store Phone: +86-431-88028127

2. Laochang Spring Pancake

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Recommendation Reason: Spring City people are familiar with this old restaurant and the environment is great. The spring pancake here is delicious with extremely thin pancake! In fact, as Spring City people are familiar with this old shop, it’s no need to introduce more. What I want to say is that most Laochang Spring Pancake restaurants have been redecorated recently featuring in different themes with quite flavors. You know, the dining environment directly affects appetite.

Store Address: 666 East Democracy Street, Chaoyang District

Store Phone: +86-431-88983990

3. Socialist New Countryside (East Democracy Street)

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Recommendation Reason: Bringing a sense of nostalgia, its dining environment is very similar to the rural areas in the 1980s. The authentic Northeast cuisine and the friends who like Northeast cuisine should not miss it! Socialist New Countryside, as long as there are friends from other places to Changchun, this restaurant is absolutely at the highest roll-call rate. Not only do we make authentic farm dishes, but the dining environment is also similar to the rural areas in the 1980s, which gives people a feeling of returning to the past. The dish tastes neither better nor worse, but what we eat is this simple "Northeast Flavor".

Store Address: 650 East Democracy Street, Chaoyang District

Store Phone: +86-431-85666608

4. Goin Cafe (Lao Zhang)

Recommendation Reason: The environment is unique and the coffee tastes great, each drink is exquisite! It's amazing to see that this cup of milk has been pulled and spent, too. It's very beautiful!

Store Address: 2nd Floor, 1375 Xikang Alley, Xinjiang Street, Chaoyang District

Store phone: +86-431-85654519

5. Renfeng Pavilion (West Chaoyang Road)

Recommendation Reason: The dining environment is great with authentic Korean flavor as well as complimentary side dishes. If the foreigners come to Changchun, it is too good to miss this Renfeng Pavilion. The most distinctive feature of the Renfeng Pavilion, is the waitresses, who come from DPRK. There's also piano playing in the evening. I like to eat rice cakes very much, and the complimentary side dishes are very tasty. Renfeng Pavilion is an authentic restaurant with Korea nationality flavor; its dining environment is good. There are brick beds warmed by fire underneath in this restaurant with tasty rice sausage and other good dishes. Tearing dog meat by hand is the special dish.

Store Address: 221 West Chaoyang Road, Chaoyang District (near Wanbao Street)

Store Phone: +86-431-88580668

6. Orient King of Dumplings (Main Store on Gongnong Road)

Recommendation Reason: With a variety of dumplings and high quality, Orient King of Dumplings is worth going! It has a history of many years, bearing the memories of many Changchun people; dumplings are made by hand. I think the price is reasonable, but the dish size does become smaller with the increase of the price, which is understandable. In addition to dumplings, there are many side dishes. My personal preferences are char siu chicken leg and pine flower chicken leg. Although I recommend "Three Flavour" dumpling, fried dumpling is also a good choice. In China, people eat dumplings no matter whether it is festival or not.

Store Address: 3858 Gongnong Road (near South Lake Park Swimming Area)

Store Phone: +86-431-85693868

7. Yuanshengju Hot Pot (Xinmin Street)

Recommendation Reason: The main feature of Yuanshengju is the Muslim hot pot with delicious and famous mutton, which belongs to authentic charcoal hot pot! Yuanshengju Hot Pot has a long history with highly praised beef and mutton smelling delicious. The charcoal hot pot is also good as well as dips. After adding leek flowers, dips will be more fragrant.

Store Address: 28 Gongnong Road, Chaoyang District

Store Phone: +86-431-85674218

8. Dingfengzhen (flagship store)

Recommendation Reason: It is a time-honored brand food company in Changchun. With abundant materials and rich varieties cooked wheaten food, Dingfengzhen has become an irreplaceable Changchun flavor. The mushroom rib noodles of Dingfengzhen is very good tasty! It’s worthy to have a try.

Store Address: 1881 Renmin Street, west of Changchun Department Store (near Chongqing Road)

9. Fuyide Crossing Roast Chicken

Recommendation Reason: It is a time-honored brand restaurant and the tasty roast chicken is the specialty. Soup dumplings and tofu string in chicken soup are authentic flavors! This time-honored soup dumplings does delicious, except a little salty. The tofu string is also tasty. The only drawback is that you often have to queue up for purchases.

Store Address: 721 Chongqing Road (opposite Yatai Fuyuan)

Store Phone: +86-431-88979988

10. Bao Jia's Old Eight-piece Restaurant (Tongguang Road)

Recommendation Reason: This is a traditional northeastern restaurant with a slightly heavy taste and a large quantity of dishes. The traditional “Old Eight Pieces” (eight traditional northeastern dishes) are very authentic, especially pot-wrapped meat and sauce bones. Services and dining environment need to be improved.

Store Address: Tongguang Road, Chaoyang District (Baihui Street corner)

Store Phone: +86-431-86761285