Regulation on Safety and Security

Regulation on Safety and Security

1. Each exhibitor shall designate security personnel to assist in the security of the Organizing Committee and the pavilion.

2. Under the safety and security responsibility system in accordance with the principle of "who supervises, who takes charge", all exhibitors should strengthen fire safety education and management of their personnel, raise the awareness of safety precautions of participants, and consciously abide by the provisions of the Expo, so as to jointly safeguard the order and safety of the China-Northeast Asia Expo.

3. Strengthen political and ideological education, educate participants not to participate in the illegal cult organizations, increase vigilance and prevent the occurrence of all kinds of accidents.

4. Strengthen the management of passes to the China-Northeast Asia Expo. During the exhibition, all personnel entering the exhibition area of the exhibition center shall wear the valid passes on the chest, obey and cooperate with the security personnel for inspection. During the exhibition, all participants except the inspection-free personnel shall voluntarily obey and cooperate with the entrance guard personnel to check the passes and carry out safety inspection. It is not allowed to lend passes to others or bring personnel without passes into the pavilion. Violators shall be punished according to relevant regulations.

5. Ensure security against theft, and take good care of exhibition samples and personal belongings. Exhibitors should enter the pavilion on time, and do not leave the exhibition early to ensure the safety of exhibition samples and prevent theft.

6. For the samples of highly toxic products, inflammable, explosive and radioactive exhibits, substitutes shall be used, and it is strictly prohibited to bring real objects into the pavilion.

7. The exhibition booths shall be remodeled and constructed in accordance with the Fire Prevention Regulations of the Pavilion. The exhibition samples shall be displayed as required, and no unit or individual shall place the exhibition samples outside their own booth. Exhibitors shall obey the inspection and correction on their booths carried out by the exhibition inspection team and the security personnel.

8. All units shall attach great importance to and conscientiously do a good job in safety and fire prevention. Effectively implement the Regulations on Fire Prevention of the Pavilion, strengthen the safety and fire prevention education of the personnel, to ensure that all people understand and consciously observe the fire prevention work.

9. No smoking is allowed in the pavilion (including pavilions, booths, offices, warehouses, passageways, staircases, elevators, etc.), and the violator shall be punished according to the regulations.

10. Except those exhibits which have been approved by the exhibition and those are related to the exhibition activities or performances, no reptiles, fishes, birds or other animals, pets shall not be brought into the pavilion.

11. During the exhibition arrangement, the vehicles transporting the exhibition samples shall be parked temporarily in the designated place after entering Changchun International Conference and Exhibition Center, and leave the Center immediately after unloading the exhibition samples with the “exit pass” issued by the Organizing Committee after being inspected by the security personnel.

12. The drivers of the vehicles shall obey the command of traffic management personnel, drive the vehicles according to the specified route, and park the vehicles in the designated position after entering Changchun International Conference and Exhibition Center.

13. During the exhibition, all articles found shall be submitted to the security department or the front desk of the exhibition for registration, instead of kept and handled without authorization.

Special Prompt: Exhibitors are advised to carry portable valuables (such as handbags, purses, clothes, certificates, etc.) with them during the exhibition period, so as to prevent theft. The Organizing Committee will not be responsible for any loss.