How to Participate the Expo.

Access Criteria for Exhibitors

1. Legal person enterprises with independent business operation qualifications.

2. Legal person enterprises with the import-export operation rights.

3. The exhibitors shall be manufacturers, exclusive agents or wholesalers.

4. Enterprises who meet the organization system and the requirements of the Exhibition.

5. Overseas exhibitors should provide the following qualifications (optional): business license, registration certificate, tax payment certificate, business registration certificate, full certificate of resume, registration certificate of permanent representative office of foreign (regional) enterprises, operation certificate and health permit.

Note: 1. All exhibitors must meet all the above-mentioned standards and uniformly be confirmed by the exhibitor invitation units and exhibition invitation units under the Organizing Committee.

2. Specific requirements for exhibits of food, health food, medicines, cosmetics and medical devices are as follows:

(1) Traditional Chinese medicinal materials are not subject to licensing and qualification restrictions.

(2) Pharmaceutical production license and GMP certificate are required for slices of drinks.

(3) Drug production licenses are required for extracts.

(4) Pharmaceutical approval numbers are required for traditional Chinese medicine preparations.

(5) Drug production license, drug approval number and GMP certificate are required for Chinese patent drug.

(6) Exhibitions and exhibitions of finished medicines are only allowed, and sales are not allowed.

(7) Health food needs to be labeled "Little Blue Cap".


Booth Specifications and Equipment

This Exposition is a 100% special booth; each booth covers an area of 9 square meters. Rent at least 6 booths at a time. Without any configuration, enterprises need to arrange their own booths.

Booth Management

The exhibition booths are only available to the exhibitors who have been approved to participate in the exhibition by the exhibition invitation department, have passed the qualification examination of the industry and commerce department, and have been registered. The name of the exhibitor must be consistent with that on the Exhibitor Registration Form. The exhibitors shall not resell, transfer or sublet their booths. Any discrepancy between the actual user of the booth and the exhibitor indicated at the head of the booth shall be deemed illegal transfer or sublease (resale) of the booth. Including:

1. Transfer booths to any joint venture in the name of joint operation.

2. Transfer booths to any supplier or cooperative unit in the name of supply or cooperation.

3. Sign contracts with any third party in the name of non-exhibitors (units that have not been qualified for examination, reviewed and filed).

4. Transfer (lend) booths to other units in the name of borrowing.

5. Exchange booths without permission.

6. Charge exhibition fees at a high price from any suppliers, joint ventures, collaborators, etc.

7. Other illegal transfer or sublease (resale) of booths.

Exhibitors who illegally use booths shall be subject to the following punishments

—The illegal booth will be removed after the daily closing of exhibition.

—Be confiscated of the relevant exhibition passes.

—The punishment results shall be announced to the public and reported to the related exhibition invitation unit.

—Any exhibitors who illegally transfer or sublease (resell) their booths will be cancelled of the qualification to participate in the next exhibition and recorded in the violation list.

—Be deducted of the enterprise deposits by a certain proportion.



Business Invitation and Exhibition Department

Consultation Telephone

Tel: +86-431-82768100

Registration Methods for Chinese Enterprises Participating in the Exhibition:
Tel: +86-431-82768100/82768300

Registration Methods for DPRK and ROK Enterprises Participating in the Exhibition:

Tel: +86-431-82765500

Fax Number: +86-431-82796644

Registration Methods for Japanese Enterprises Participating in the Exhibition:

Tel: +86-431-82738839

Registration Methods for Russian and Mongolian Enterprises Participating in the Exhibition:

Tel: +86-431-82766855

Registration Methods for Enterprises in Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Southeast Asia Participating in the Exhibition:

Tel: +86-431-82768100

Registration Methods for Euro-American and Other Overseas Enterprises Participating in the Exhibition:

Tel: +86-431-82766800

1. Formulating the work plan of inviting investment and inviting exhibitors for exhibitions;

2. Responsible for booth confirmation and arrangement;

3. Establishing a customer database. Responsible for customer relationship management and on-site professional audience registration;

4. Compiling and publishing business invitation and exhibition materials and journals;

5. Summarizing and counting the turnover, and organizing the comprehensive evaluation of the exhibition effect;

6. Organizing and implementing domestic (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) and foreign investment invitation and exhibition work, and contacting and coordinating with various groups of business associations.