Administration Regulations on Promotional Materials

Administration Regulations on Promotional Materials

1. Exhibition publications and promotional materials (refer to various journals, catalogues, special publications, albums, newspaper, electronic publications and other materials compiled and distributed in the name of China-Northeast Asia Expo and issued by the China-Northeast Asia Expo) shall be managed by the Organizing Committee.

2. The publications and promotional materials of the exhibition must meet the following requirements, which shall be reviewed and approved by the Secretariat before the free distribution at the exhibition.

The title and the content of the publications and promotional materials with the main contents of promoting economic and trade policies, introducing economic and trade projects, and exporting commodities must be consistent.

Publications and promotional materials shall be marked with the compiling and printing units (in the case of joint compiling and printing, please clearly indicate). The titles of publications and promotional materials shall not contain such words as “well-known”, “best” or others that may easily bring misunderstanding or misrepresentation. The publications, manuscripts as well as the contents related to advertisements, patents and copyrights, shall comply with the relevant national regulations. In case of infringement of intellectual property rights, the compilers shall bear the responsibility.

Promotional materials specially promoting the exhibition will be compiled and printed, and issued to the public by the Organizing Committee.

Without the permission of the Organizing Committee, no unit or individual may solicit manuscripts or advertisements in the name of the China-Northeast Asia Expo, and may not use the words "China-Northeast Asia Expo" in Chinese or English on the cover and back of any publications and promotional materials.

3. The sites for distribution of exhibition publications and promotional materials shall be arranged by the Organizing Committee. No unit or individual shall distribute information to the public except the places designated by the Organizing Committee. Where publications and promotional materials are distributed to the public, no other sales activities shall be carried out.

4. During the exhibition, the Organizing Committee is responsible for inspecting the contents, quality and distribution and verification of the quantity issued of the publications and promotional materials for the China-Northeast Asia Expo.

5. The individual materials of each exhibitor (such as commodity catalogue, enterprise profile, product description, etc.) shall only be distributed within their booth. Any publications or promotional materials distributed to the public in violation of these provisions shall be banned as soon as it is discovered.