Fire Protection Regulations of the Pavilion

Fire Protection Regulations of the Pavilion

All exhibitors, constructors and staff must comply with the Fire Protection Law of the People's Republic of China and the relevant fire safety regulations of Changchun International Conference and Exhibition Center.

1. The exhibitors shall ensure the safe width of the fire protection passage when remodeling the booths, and shall not block the firefighting facilities, and ensure that the firefighting passage inside and around the pavilion shall be unobstructed. The evacuation door shall be open and unblocked. It is strictly prohibited to arrange the booths or display samples in front of the passageway and stairs, and the violator shall be ordered to effect demolishment.

2. The evacuation indication signs, indoor fire hydrants, manual alarms and other firefighting facilities shall not be blocked during the exhibition, and it is strictly prohibited to pile up articles under the fire protection rolling curtain doors.

3. The packing boxes, sundries, paper scraps of the exhibition samples and superfluous display samples must be cleaned up and transported out of the exhibition area timely. It is strictly prohibited to store combustible materials, packaging materials or promotional materials between the booth and the exhibition board and the wall. It is strictly prohibited to store the packing materials and display samples on the back of the booth or on the passages between booths.

4. The firefighting facilities such as fire hydrants shall not be blocked, misappropriated, occupied or damaged during the construction, remodeling and exhibition arrangement. No suspensions shall be posted on firefighting facilities.

5. It is strictly prohibited to connect or pull wires or install electrical equipment (including lighting lamps) or advertising lights without authorization. Those who do need installation must apply to the Exhibition administration department in advance, and cannot carry out the installation until obtaining the approval.

6. Any articles shall not be attached or hung on the spray devices or lighting devices in the pavilion, or align the spotlight and other heating devices with or close to the fire spray devices in the pavilion.

7. To avoid that some individual booths block the fire hydrant, the fire hydrant must have a doorway with 1.5 meters wide and 2 meters high, which can be decorated with soft curtains (the words of fire hydrant must be marked) and no articles are allowed to be placed in front of it so as to facilitate the fire department to handle emergency events; there shall be no any obstructions in front of and under the fire sprinkler head.

8. Booth arrangement schemes and decoration materials shall be submitted to the Organizing Committee for approval, and shall be constructed in strict accordance with the approved requirements. Fire-retardant, splint or non-combustible materials shall be used for the remodeling and construction of special booths. If wood materials are used, fire-retardant paint shall be painted twice or more outside the pavilion in advance, and lighting devices and electric heating elements shall be kept at a safe distance from combustibles. Otherwise, it shall be deemed as violation of regulations and the violator shall be ordered to effect demolishment.

9. High-temperature lamps and lanterns such as iodine-tungsten lamps and neon lamps shall not be installed without authorization. The height of any neon lamp shall be 2.5 meters to 4 meters. The joints shall be made of glass sleeves, which shall not be concealed, and shall not be used until it passes the inspection of the relevant departments.

10. No naked fire, combustible gas such as gas or natural gas, heavy-load electric equipment such as rice cooker, electric wok or electric iron shall be used in the pavilion, and the exhibits shall not use combustible liquid as fuel.

11. The booth arrangement materials shall not contain inflammable and explosive articles (such as liquor over 60 ℃).

12. During rush hours, the exhibitors shall not solicit visitors in the form of free distribution of articles.

13. The exhibitors and pavilion management personnel shall check whether there is any fire left behind and whether the electric equipment is powered off before daily exhibition withdrawal. In case any potential fire safety hazard, please inform the safety personnel in the pavilion immediately. In case of emergency, please keep calm, obey the unified command and evacuate in an orderly manner.

14. No smoking is allowed in any areas of the pavilion. Any smokers, once found, shall be fined and detained by the public security department, fire control department and other relevant departments.

15. The persons in charge of the exhibitors shall be also responsible for fire safety of their respective booths, and shall perform the fire safety duties stipulated in the Fire Protection Law of the People's Republic of China.

16. The exhibitors shall know the evacuation routes in the pavilion, the locations of indoor fire hydrants, fire extinguishers and manual alarms.

17. The exhibitors shall carry out fire safety inspection so as to find and eliminate the potential fire safety hazard in time.

18. If a fire is found, the exhibitors shall organize staff to put out the fire immediately, activate the manual alarm, and dial "119" (fire alarm service line).

         ※ In any case, the Organizing Committee reserves the right to change the positions of entrances, exits, public passages and the emergency exits in the pavilion.