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Reasons for Participating

Reasons for Participating in China-Northeast Asia Expo

I. The Participants may

Showcase and sell the products of their firms;
Seek for the agents of their products;
Get important information;
Do matchmaking with related firms;
Release relevant information of firms at conferences and forums;
Investigate the investment environment;
Meet with government officials and business partners

II. Preferential Policies

No. Category Amount


Animal, plant and their products

Price of every single item from the 1st to the 10th category is not more than 200 USD.



Base metal and metal products


Plastics, rubber and their products


Textile raw materials and textile products


Commodities such as shoes, cap, umbrella, etc. and adornment


Building stones, glass and their products; ceramics


Toys, games and sporting goods






Pharmaceuticals and health care products


Chemical industrial products and related industrial products

Price of every single item from the 11th to the 15th category is not more than 1000 USD.


Jewelry and accessories


Machine, mechanical appliance, electric equipment and instruments


Information products


Work of art

1. Duty-free sales amount of the 1st to the 15th exhibits of each exhibitor can’t exceed 20 thousand USD.
2. Above commodities exclude commodities the state prohibits import and export, endangered animal and plant species and their products, and 20 sorts of commodities and cars the state doesn’t allow to reduce and exempt from tax.

III. The Previous Eight Expos Reached Remarkable Results

In the previous eight Northeast Asia Expos, totally over 2300 thousand visitors from over 100 countries and regions worldwide including 420 thousand business visitors, 776 government officials of and above vice-minister (governor) rank and over 400 among the World Top 500 Companies, a total trade turnover of 5723 million USD accumulated, 1838 projects of investment cooperation signed and the foreign funds of about 900 billion CNY absorbed to the traditional industry bases in Northeast China.
1. World Top 500 Companies Participated in the Previous Expos (Partially Listed)

2. The Signed Projects under Implementation

Project Designation Signed Time Project Amount

Wanda Changbaishan International Resort


20 billion CNY

Technological Eco-Carbon Sink Zone in Jilin Province Low-Carbon Industrial Park


68 billion CNY

O-PLED Display Industrial Park in Changchun High-Tech Zone


2 billion CNY

The Base for Bio-medicine Aprotinin Products Development and Traditional Chinese Medicinal Herbs Standardized Planting by Changbaishan Bio-medicine Co.


3.5 billion CNY

Korea KUMHO TIRES (Changchun) Co.


2 billion CNY

IV. The Unique Geographical Advantage of Northeast Asia

1. Sea Transportation

Transport Route


Transport Time

Transport Cost

Hunchun, China to Rajin Port, DPRK to Japan Sea

600 km

Less than 20 hours

Comparing with route 2, route 1 can save 2/3 of logistics costs.


Hunchun to Dalian Port to Japan Sea

1300 km

3 to 4 days

2. Land Transportation: The Great Channel for Railway Transportation between China and Mongolia

Transport Route

Choibalsan to Arshaan to Baicheng to Changchun to Jilin to Yanji to Hunchun

Overall Length

About 1800 km


It can transport goods from Russia, Mongolia, China and DPRK.

Because of the Great Channel, the distance from Europe to the Pacific Ocean is shortened 1700km.

Type of Goods

Mineral resources such as coal, copper, iron and gold, etc.


V. High-level Sponsors & Organizers

Co-sponsored by:
The Ministry of Commerce of P. R. China
The National Development and Reform Commission of P. R. China
The People’s Government of Jilin Province
Co-organized by:
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of P. R. China
The Ministry of Science and Technology of P. R. China
The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of P. R. China
The Ministry of Culture of P. R. China
The National Tourism Administration of P. R. China
China Council for the Promotion of International Trade
The People’s Government of Liaoning Province
The People’s Government of Heilongjiang Province
The People’s Government of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region


VI. Awards

The expo has successively won the awards such as “China’s Most Influential Government-led Expos”, “China’s Most Influential Branded Expos since the Foundation of New China”, “China’s Top 10 Internationally Influential Expos in 2010” and “China’s Top 10 Branded Expos in 2011”, ranking among the top three respectively.

VII. Higher Level of Symbiosis in Term of Economy in Northeast Asian Region

The countries located in Northeast Asia region have a total area of over 28.84 million square kilometers, a total population of about 1700 million, a GDP accounting for about 1/5 of the world’s total and a foreign exchange reserve accounting for more than half of the world’s total. They are different in industrial structure, enjoy a higher level of symbiosis in economy and natural commonality in history, culture and national customs, and hold great potential for future development. China-Japan-ROK FTA Negotiation was officially launched in Nov., 2012. The China-Northeast Asia Expo is the world’s only expo involving all the Northeast Asian countries. Jilin province is located in the center of the Northeast Asia region.